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Numerology Chart Reading $60

Calculated from your full original birth certificate name, date of birth, and current first and last name used today. You will be given your 7 personality numbers: Your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, Maturity Number, Current Name Number and Birth Day Number. You will also receive your current Personal Year Number. These numbers and descriptions show you challenges you face in this lifetime and how to grow from them so your soul evolves. Great for anyone who is into personal growth, also a special gift idea for teens and young adults and something great to have on hand to reread throughout different stages of your life.

NOTE: I will email your life blueprint within one week!

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Meditation Bundle $55

I’ve designed these mediations so that they will destress you, raise your vibration, balance your chakras and protect your energy field. The five meditations include:

  • Life Force Energy Meditation dissipating any and all negativity.

  • A grounding mediation which is great for anxiety.

  • A chakra balancing meditation.

  • A mediation focused on your Solar Plexus which will bring your confidence and self power back.

  • A Gratitude Meditation.

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Intuitive Healing 5 Session Bundle $499 

This Bundle is for (5) - 1 Hour Intuitive Healing Sessions

Each 1 Hour Session includes: Channeling, Reiki Healing and Tarot Cards

You will receive your very own private scheduling link to schedule these sessions in at your leisure or as often as you need!